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¡Don't Hurry For Heaven!

by Devon Sproule

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released May 4, 2009

Produced by Paul Curreri

The basic tracks for this album were recorded at Far Heath Studios in Northamptonshire, England, and engineered by Angus Wallace. Paul Curreri brought the recordings home and kept working on them at Amanda's Old Room in Charlottesville, VA. Somewhere in there, we spent a day recording "Sponji Reggae" and "Good to Get Out" at Greenwood Studio in Greenwood, VA, with Jeff Romano engineering. Jeff also mastered the record, right at the end.

Thank you Paul Curreri, Richard Guy, Andrew Whitehead, G Vaughan, BJ Cole, Sarah Morgan, Angus Wallace, Jeff Romano, Nate Brown, Andy Waldeck, Bobby Read, Jesse Winchester, Ann Marie Calhoun, Oliver Betts, Lucy Anne Sale, Maria Curreri, Richard Wootton, Del Day, Rob Challice, Jess Roberts, Michaela O'Brien, Jessica Perilla, Monk, Bob, Jimmy, and all our friends at the Tin Angel in Coventry.

All songs by Devon Sproule © Compost Café Music except "Bowling Green" (LeLong/Carvell) by Tin Angel label mates DON'T MOVE!, and "Sponji Reggae" (M Rose) by Black Uhuru


all rights reserved



Devon Sproule Charlottesville, Virginia

north american music with weirdo roots. ds was raised on eco-villages in ontario and virginia. she works with tin angel records and tours solo and with a band (bernice from toronto when possible!) in europe, n america, and australia.

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Track Name: Ain't That the Way
I asked God for a good job
He put me on a plane
All of the people that I love
The people that I'm from
Are far away

I've been packing dirty clothes
Sleeping in my coat
Eating in the car
Living in a bar
Goodness, ain't that the way?

I asked God for a good man
But I forgot to say
"I wanna see him every day"
I try to remember that Goose Poop Pond
(Even with a swinging rope)
Is never as fresh as you hope

The neighbor baby in the mud
Getting dirty in the sun
The washing on a wire
Potatoes in a tire
Goodness, ain't that the way?

If you got honey in my mug
Liquor in your cupboard
Water on the stove
Sugar on the phone
Goodness, ain't that the way?

You're on your own
You're on the way home
New Ry Cooder on the radio
You're cooking for one
Watching an old video
And here in the distance
Here in the miss you
Fonder and fonder and fonder I grow
Track Name: Julie
I was on a walk tonight out late
I noticed your pick-up's license plate
A horseless carriage from Colorado
The home state of a pretty girl I used to know

We met in a computer lab where I introduced myself
She was pre-med, I was nervous as hell
Her name was Julie
Could yours be the same?
I'm leaving this note on your windshield
Just in case


We were both shy and a little strange
We both liked spiders and good-guy / bad-guy trains
Her lips were chapped, her shoulders, burned
We moved in together just after the winter term

Julie always left a little light on for me
She said that there was little that she would need
But still I noticed all the times she clenched her teeth
And the nights when she barely touched her drink

All along, there was something wrong

(Some women are patient
Some are too pretty to be)
But woe is the beau with neither
There ain't a fellow alive
With a pillow so wide
Just waiting for my beautiful love
My restless lady, the only girl I think of

So perhaps you're not the one I held so dear
Why should I believe she would ever return here?
But I just can't stop looking for her along these streets
I just keep looking, looking around
for Julie
All along, there was something wrong
Track Name: Healthy Parents, Happy Couple
On a drive, going nowhere
Gravel popping, tape deck whirring
Happy couple talk a back road
Face a thistle with a backhoe
She goes:

Take a book for instance
When it's done, you are let down
But when it's smacking in your head
You go attacking for the end
Like a good love, too long in bed, besides
Why should we do like the movies?
Moving doesn't need a pattern
Wooing matters, not the captain
Filthy keyboards, mixing records
Fetch another fizzy beverage
Vision shows up as it pleases
Sound holes echo back our sneezes
Healthy parents, honest living
To be in love, to barely scramble past
The mowing grass, the compost bins,
The washing dishes
Discs our basement's flooded with
The risks, the time it's taking
To find some peace of mind
To bear the frown from a guitar
Awaiting meaning, reading
Keeping dreams alive along the window
Silly green the guilt of living happy
Heart attacks for all the lucky
Wine, the bookshelves, color-coded
Competition keeps it going
Bland relief at barely standing
Fancy-worded nerdy booking
Germ: the food that kills the cooking
Terminal: they don't know nothing
Love denies the dying fear
It's good to be finally here
Track Name: You Need a Maria
Kenny, you got your Hopewell
You got your Timesbold
You can keep your Potown
You keep your Sunbelt
Too narrow in the shoulders
If you like a big man to throw you around
If the party isn't ever over
Even a party girl won't stick around

You need a Maria
but you don't get a Maria
You don't get what you don't deserve
If you don't do it right, when the right one goes by
Kenny, you don't get the girl

You can't give it all to music
You can't give it all to love
But if you've gotta use it, fair enough
I'm not saying that it's simple
I'm not saying that it wasn't really love
I'm not saying you were hurtful
I'm just saying that you gave it up

You need a Maria
but you don't get a Maria
You don't get what you don't deserve
If you don't do it right, when the right one goes by
Kenny, you don't get the girl
Track Name: Don't Hurry for Heaven
I don't believe that you should believe in heaven anymore
The way that you're going, I'm afraid of you floating anyway
And if it's forever, then you've got forever to get there
Don't hurry for heaven while I'm taking care of you here

Baby, you've got a body worth more than its lot of admiring
I'm talking studies and statues, I've not found a match for you yet
But if you keep on living like you been living, darling, who's to say?
Don't hurry for heaven, don't hurry away

Tell it on the mountain
Tell it 'cross the sea, boy
Tell 'em all you're coming home to me

I've heard that the curves of a guitar are like the curves of a woman
And you can tell a true player by his want to get better, they say
So if you love me even half as much as you love your old Martin
You should be practicing on me just about every day

Tell it on the mountain
Tell it 'cross the sea, boy
Tell 'em all you're coming home to me
Track Name: Good to Get Out
It's good to get out of the house
It's good to get out of the house
Don't it feel so good?
Just go and buy a motorcycle
And ride til the summer's over
Don't it feel so good?

When you were young
Getting your Catholic on
Saying "Jesus was cool
He went up and down too"
Four-tracking up late
and blowin' it out the window
Cuz you were always a guy
who did whatever felt right
Don't it feel so good?

Going door to door
the girls are home alone
Talking 'about the Man
til the man gets home
It's good to get out of the house
It's good to get out of the house
Don't it feel so good?

Downhill from Belmont Park
I put a family there
We cut a good rug
We cut our own hair
When the basement floods,
the basement floods
When the money gets low
We pack a bag up and go

The Paul on tour
the Dev at home alone
Going on about her man
til her man gets home

It's good to get out of the house
It's good to get out of the house
Don't it feel so good?
Track Name: The Easier Way
I had a river growing up
I had a pond
I had barely a secret
And now I have none

But I'm not bragging about it
Sometimes I get sad about it

Where's all that rosy panic
I used to fill up my nose with?

It's a shame about growing up
It's such a shame about cleaning up
Wasn't that swingin' give-a-damn
named for you?

Now the women want time for a walk
She turns in early, he stays up
But that official compliment
Sure can keep a girl confident

I'm coming around, I'm coming around
But honey, where are you gonna be
When I come around?
We got a house and a dozen guitars
We can walk to all our favourite bars
We got good looks and good friends
We got a little money, just a little money
I remember crying all the time
Til my crying just wasn't worthwhile
And who showed me the easier way?
Who told me to say
I'm coming around?
I'm coming around
But honey where are you gonna be
When I come around?
Track Name: A Picture of Us in the Garden
Won't you give us a trim, Maria?
The men can juice up the grapefruit
Megan'll roll up her new tattoo
And Monk will entertain us

I can't live any place but Virginia
Though I've never even tried
I considered McGill from dear Charlottesville
But settled on keeping those Twin Oaks in sight

Danele, you're officially one in a million
Though we've known it all along
I can't imagine that shit living in your beautiful body

I can't imagine a night without drinking
Though I never drink that much
I just love to do it. I married into it
Some prefer down and some prefer up
You want a picture of us in the garden
But it's not much of a sight
Maria and Dev in a vegetable bed
Digging up grass in the last of the light

Honey, how are we supposed to ever have us a family
When the business won't give us a buck?
I guess it's lucky
I'm still pretty young

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